In this workshop you will co-create a new unique artwork for ZLB with sound artist Jamie Perera, the library audio team and a diverse group of people from Berlin. The artwork will be a short piece or sound / music created from data following a topical issue chosen for the workshop. You will be guided through the process of choosing data, examining the issues that lie behind them, and considering artistic ways to represent them with sound.

“Data sonificiation” is a way of creating sound and music from data on any subject. By using sound to represent data, people can experience that data in a different way compared to reading it or maybe seeing in a newspaper article. You can choose from a range of topics, for example, environment, health and war. One topic will be chosen based on the choices of all the participants.
The completed art works will be installed at Amerika-gedenkbibliothek for visitors to experience as they visit the library at certain times.

Between May and September we’ll be hosting three public workshops with acclaimed sound artist Jamie Perera, where people from Berlin can create unique sound artworks out of data on issues they care about.
Our first workshop, on 8 May, explored the issues of community and environment and produced this work, available online and to listen to in the library:

If you’re still not sure what sonification means, that’s fine! Everything will be explained in the workshop and you need no special skills or knowledge to take part.

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